How We Operate:

  • Unlimited snow blowing from first to last snowfall
  • Driveway clearing
  • Walkway, steps, porch shoveling (Extra charge. Limited availability.)
  • Dispatch at 5cm (~2 inches)
  • Multiple visits during heavy snow falls
  • Return after town plows to clear windrow
  • We are FULLY licensed and insured
  • Text & Email alerts tell you when we are in your area
  • We are equipped with GPS Tracking
  • Our Equipment:

    Kubota X100C RTV with 66-inch Snowblower

    Kubota X1100C

    Divine Landscape Co. uses a Kubota X1100C RTV equipped with a 66" blower attachment, for clearing any type of snow from your driveway. The plastic edges on the bottom of our blower are gentle on every type of driveway surface, and will help eliminate the possibility of any damage or scrapes.

    Our Service Area:

    Our Wasaga Beach Snow Removal Service Area. From Vigo Rd to Veterans Way

    Contact Us

    To sign up for our snow blowing services, or for further information, please visit our dedicated website.